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Join Our Growing Team! Distributors Wanted for a Profitable Business Opportunity!
VagaCare™ is now offering you a chance to be a part of the organization that offers a great value on a popular product for women around the world. Our target market, females 18-80 experiencing weak pelvic muscles, has enormous potential for the right distribution partners.

What is the VagaCare™ system?
VagaCare™ vaginal weights combine the latest technology with ease of use to create kegel weights and vaginal cones that strengthen pelvic muscles. The beauty of VagaCare™ is that women can use it anywhere. From the comfort of their own home. This innovative new program at an affordable price. You can help introduce them to this new option. Improve exercise experience, as some of our distributors already have for women like Jennifer:

Testimonial #1: My VagaCare™ representative answered all of my questions, and he was sensitive to my needs. He explained how the product worked and he helped me understand how to use the product without making me feel uncomfortable. Thanks, VagaCare! Jennifer

Where can VagaCare™ be marketed?
This new business opportunity is primarily targeted to women between the ages of 18-80. Our ideal distributor will have experience in this industry, and is well-networked with would-be buyers.    

  • Agencies, organizations, conferences, and trade shows directed at women and their unique challenges
  • Mail Order Companies and Catalogues
  • e-Commerce sites selling directly to end users

With the health care industry one of the largest in the world, sources for sales are unlimited. We offer the VagaCare™ system to distributors at wholesale prices with minimum orders. When you sign up with us, you will be eligible for discounted pricing.

What qualifications do I need to become a VagaCare™ distributor?
While anyone can be successful with this popular product, our top sellers have some or all of these characteristics:

  • Commitment to women’s health
  • Ability to learn and share the concepts behind the VagaCare kegel weights exercise program
  • High energy to actively market to suggested target organizations
  • Excellent customer service skills and the desire to provide total customer satisfaction
  • Creativity and imagination in securing new venues for marketing
  • Financial stability and understanding of basic budgeting principles
  • Entrepreneurial spirit, self-starter, and ability to work independently
  • Capability of marketing based on quality, features, and benefits, rather than on price

Don’t delay in taking advantage of this chance to be the first in your area with this fast-growing business. See what our distributors have to say about the VagaCare difference: 

Testimonial #1: Thanks, Medgo, for giving us the chance to create our own success with unlimited income potential! Now we don’t have to worry about economic ups and downs, and we can afford to live the lifestyle we have always dreamed about.
Sincerely, Charles and Sheila Freeman

Testimonial #2: As a single mom, it’s hard to find a career that allows me the flexibility to make good income and still be there for my kids. Now I work for myself – and the trusted VagaCare™ brand. I set my own schedule, while helping women in my area improve their daily lives! My children and I thank you for this fulfilling and lucrative opportunity. Johnson Family 

You will develop a list of client organizations that return month after month to buy directly from you. You can feel good about offering a product that improves daily life for so many at an affordable cost. Quality and customer satisfaction is our primary goal, and we offer a lifetime warranty to protect users from defects in manufacturing and materials discovered during normal use.

We are only offering a limited number of distributor opportunities. Don’t miss out! Contact us today to see if your area is still available. Call 941-492-4110 or email us at admin@ Act now to be a part of our successful and growing team!